It is essential to empower girls to lead, both for progress and development. When girls are given the opportunity to become leaders, they can help break gender stereotypes, promote gender equality, and create a more inclusive, equitable, and just society.

Akshita Shah

Celebrating, recognizing, and supporting girls’ leadership has a positive social impact. It helps to change the societal perception that girls are equally capable and competent in leadership positions. It also helps in promoting gender equality, which gives a message that leadership qualities are not only to a particular gender.

Srija Dhaulakoti

Our communities are still male-dominant and patriarchal. Girls are deprived of their rights and made to take a backseat in leading, organizing, and decision-making. We should celebrate girls' leadership to give motivation, empowerment, and encouragement to girls so that it will help them raise a voice for their rights.

Leeja Tamang

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