Young Women’s Political Leadership Course (YWPLC) is one of the flagships of Women LEAD Nepal (WLEAD). The eight-month-long, intensive course enrolls 20 participants/ Fellows aged 18-25 young women from diverse regions across Nepal. These dynamic individuals must have completed High School or are currently pursuing academia in Universities in Kathmandu. 

The program consists of components: Politics Institute (PI), Internship, Field Visit, Mentorship, Advocacy Workshop (AW), Follow-up, etc. Through these theoretical and experiential learning components/ interventions, participants understand the basics of politics and how politics empower individuals and navigate their roles as informed citizens to contribute positively to their communities and countries.

The course aims to build a foundational knowledge of Nepal’s democratic system and the political processes in the country among participants. The participants will learn about essential professional skills required in political organizing, the importance of intersectionality, and women in politics/leadership. 

The YWPLC aims to

  • Empower young Nepali women by raising their awareness about Nepali political structure and democracy,
  • Help achieve gender equality by strengthening their knowledge of political leadership, 
  • Build the capacity of young Nepali women, enabling them to work as active mediators of social change and politics.

Fee: Rs 9,000/-
Footnote: The fee can be paid in a lump sum after admittance to the course. The fee covers all course materials, a completion certificate, free lunches, unlimited access to our Chautara Resource Center, and exclusive access to Women LEAD’s alumni community and events.

Program Duration: 8 months 
Program Capacity: 20 seats


The very first module, Politics Institute (PI), ensures that the participants understand the overall politics of Nepal, Nepali political history, and women in politics and leadership. The Politics Institute happens for two weeks (10 days). 

The Mentorship Module helps participants tap their assigned mentor’s existing knowledge, skills, and experiences. YWPLC alumni are mentors. Alumni who apply to be mentors get a two-day training on supporting mentees throughout the mentorship period. With the learnings from Mentorship Training, the mentors guide, support, and give feedback to the participants. 

During the Internship, each fellow is in a pair or group of three interns with an assigned organization. As for time commitment, a fellow intern for about 75/ 150-hour. The internship is designed to help participants learn and apply the learnings they gained from the Politics Institute (PI) in their internship. The internship organizations are selected in such a way, that promotes further fellows’ understanding of politics and women's leadership.

This module provides a week-long field experience with local representatives/deputy mayors/mayors/ local women politicians from different political parties. The Field Visit allows broader exposure among fellows to observe and engage with local women leaders, acquiring firsthand insights into their work, challenges, and representatives outside Kathmandu Valley.

This module ensures participants learn the basics of advocacy, project design, and execution. It further aims for the participants to reflect upon the changes they hope to achieve through their projects. The training should give them a sense of responsibility as responsible citizens and provoke them to get on their toes to play the role of youth. They receive a week-long training, a month for project inception, and a month for project implementation.

The Follow-up module guarantees that the participants learn and share their understandings of contemporary Nepali politics, foreign affairs, geopolitics, analysis of women's representation in provincial elections, etc. The participants learn to amplify their voices and accomplishments. Follow-up sessions play a pivotal role in ensuring the lasting impact and continuous growth of participants in YWPLC. It allows participants to revisit and reinforce key concepts, discussions, and lessons learned during the course so their understanding is effectively applied in real-world contexts.

The program ends with a Graduation ceremony where fellows celebrate accomplishments with family, friends, mentors, and political experts involved in the program. The fellows join the Women LEAD alumi community.


This is an equal opportunity program—young women from all castes, ethnicity, backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply. The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Have completed their +2 and be between the ages of 18-25
  • Comfortable communicating in English and Nepali (both written and spoken)
  • Attend all modules of the program. Detailed breakdown of program structure can be found in the application


Women LEAD Nepal provides full and partial scholarships for anyone in need of financial assistance. We are committed to accepting applicants on merit regardless of their economic status. Scholarship forms will be handed out during the one-on-one interviews and by Women LEAD representatives.

Skills obtained after participating in YWPLC

Political Analysis and Awareness
Public Speaking and Communication
Leadership and Teamwork
Networking and Relationship Building
Civic Engagement and Community Organizing

Application Process

YWPLI has a two-step application process to ensure the most passionate, committed and amazing 20 young women are selected!

  • Fill out this online form.
  • Selected applicants will be invited for a 40-minute in-person interview with staff and alumni of the program. Selected applicants will be notified about their application via email and call.

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