Rise to Lead: Empowering Young Women

Rise to Lead: Empowering Young Women is a residential program in Kathmandu Valley that offers a dynamic, immersive learning experience tailored to recent Secondary Education Examination (SEE) graduates. The program offers comprehensive sessions covering a wide range of topics, including addressing youth-related challenges, civic engagement, financial literacy, public speaking, consent, teamwork, gender stereotypes, feminism, and advocacy. Participants gained valuable skills and knowledge to navigate their futures with confidence and purpose.

Feminism Now: Politics, Civic Duty and You

We were thrilled to welcome 17 dynamic young women, aged 18 to 21, to ‘Feminism Now: Politics, Civic Duty, and You.’ This inspiring program offered participants a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of politics and the political history of Nepal. Throughout the sessions, participants delved into democratic processes, civic engagement, and the critical need for more women in political leadership. Engaging workshops, lively discussions, and hands-on exercises were designed to deepen their understanding of current affairs and their potential to drive positive societal change. By the end of the event, these young women were equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.