In my opinion, we should support girls because it encourages other girls, and women to lead and learn about leadership themselves. It also creates and strengthens group identities among each other.

Dipika Chaulagin

Some are born leaders, while some are chosen as a leader, and regardless, the ideas, thinking patterns, and leadership skills that girls bring to the table will benefit the world and help to create a safe world for everyone. Happy International Day of Girl Child!

#WLEAD #DayOfTheGirl

Nyushma Maske

Celebrating and supporting girls' leadership helps to bridge the gender gap and establish that everyone has an equal chance to lead; girls get encouraged to speak up for wrongdoings and contribute to society meaningfully. Investing in leadership skills from a young age helps to equip them with crucial skills such as decision-making, communication, and problem-solving.

#WLEAD #DayOfTheGirl

Unika Karmacharya

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