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Author’s Corner

Women LEAD Nepal understands that furthering women’s leadership comes from an in-depth understanding of current issues, geo-politics, philosophy, culture and literature. Author’s Corner is a small cozy interaction session with professional female writers and journalists who have been influencing and driving public opinion, be it through literature or reportage.

Our last Author’s Corner saw author of The Wayward Daughter, Shradha Ghale.  

Note: This program is not accepting applications at the moment.

The Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop happens annually in the winter, where young women cozy up to literature and journalistic writing. These two-week long workshops are intensive with an emphasis on reading and writing in English.

Today it is more important than ever to understand the craft of writing and use it as a means of communication through various mediums, new and old. Information is the greatest weapon that one can use today, but to effectively use writing as a powerful means of communication, a deeper understanding of the craft is essential.

Note: This program is not accepting applications at the moment.

Fundraising & Grant Writing Workshop

The Fundraising and Grant Writing Workshop, a one-day workshop, is developed to help young female professionals understand the nuances of working with funders, partner organizations and donors. The workshop focuses on the understanding of concepts like developing project proposals, writing concept notes and formulating letters of sponsorship while also focusing on internal concepts such as project budgeting and report writing.

Note: This program is not accepting applications at the moment.

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