The LEAD Course (September 2024 – June 2025) 

Women LEAD Nepal’s year-long, after-school LEAD Course provides an intensive experience based on practical, hands-on learning and personal growth. In the LEAD Course, young women explore their own identities as leaders and change-makers. They achieve this through the following:

1. LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: The course starts with a two-week Leadership Institute focused on developing skills like public speaking, confidence building, and learning about Nepal’s most pressing issues. 

2. SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: After the Institute, each participant invests 300+ hours in creating change by doing the School Leadership Program during which participants put the skills and knowledge they have learned during the Leadership Institute into empowering girls and boys of Grade 9 by leading and executing sessions in public and private schools around Kathmandu.

3. MENTORSHIP: Each participant is paired with an alumni mentor who acts as a support system during the program and gives one-on-one guidance, support, and professional opportunities to meet their goals.

4. FIELD VISIT: This trip is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, expose participants to new environments, and enhance their understanding of a particular subject or topic. 

5. ADVOCACY WEEK: This is a week-long program that builds capacity so that participants can develop and implement advocacy projects of their own by learning skills that are required to advocate for various causes and, create positive and long-term impact in communities.

6. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WEEK: This week is focused on essential skills for professional development like resume writing, cover letter writing, networking, preparing for interviews, and negotiation, needed for successful personal and professional life.

6. GRADUATION CEREMONY: The LEAD Course ends with a graduation ceremony for participants who complete all aspects of the program and are awarded certificates and a big celebration that encapsulates the effort, learnings, and personal development of participants throughout the year.

Program Capacity: 30 seats
Program Duration: 1 year

Fee: 10,000/- payable in lump sum only after being selected for the course. The fee covers all course materials, unlimited access to our resource center, a certificate, free lunches, and exclusive access to WLEAD events. 

DO NOT let financial concerns stop you from applying—there are partial and full scholarships available to everyone who needs financial assistance. We are committed to accepting the best applicants, regardless of their financial situation. Scholarship forms will be given out after being selected for the interviews.


The course starts with a Leadership Institute  where the LEADers gain knowledge on issues such as women’s rights, how to be a leader, how to communicate better, time management skills as well as develop professional skills like public speaking, among others. The facilitators for the sessions are Nepali leaders and experts on everything from the media to politics to business. The Institute includes workshops, simulations, group activities, discussions, role-plays, media, and daily reflections. LEADers have the opportunity to meet and learn from amazing peers and accomplished leaders.

After the Leadership Institute, LEADers receive one-on-one mentoring with our alumni then they put their new skills and knowledge into practice for four months by executing the School Leadership Program (SLP) during which each participant invests  300+ hours creating change as they co-LEAD a four-month ‘pay it forward’ initiative by taking the knowledge and skills they learned and empowering other young people in co-ed workshops in numerous public and private schools around Kathmandu.

The participants visit governmental bodies around the city to understand effective governance and accountability.

After a successful implementation of the SLP, participants engage
in a week long training on advocacy followed by formulation and execution  advocacy projects based on current social issues.

Another two-week long workshop focused on
professional development skills curated with a multi-disciplinary approach that imparts essential skills needed for success as professional leaders.

The program ends in June with a graduation ceremony.


This is an equal opportunity program—young women from all castes, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, abilities and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply. The basic eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Young women entering Class 12;
  • Able to attend LEAD Course programs in person from 1PM to 5PM on weekdays
  • Commit to fully participate in all aspects of the LEAD Course for the entire year: the two-week Leadership Institute and around 8-10 hours per week in leadership training, professional development and mentoring during the rest of the year—300+ hours in total.


  • Privilege and Bias
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Gender Stereotypes and Misrepresentation
  • Gender-Based Violence and Consent
  • Civic Engagement
  • Sex, Gender and Sexuality

Application Process

The LEAD Course has a two-step application process to ensure the most passionate, committed and amazing 30 young women in the entire Kathmandu Valley are selected! 

  1. Submit your application by filling the form avialable at the top and bottom of this page by 10 August 2024.
  2. The top applicants will be invited for a 30-45-minute interview with staff and alumni of the LEAD Course between 13-15 August (29-31 Shrawan). They will be notified via phone call. 
  3. There will also be two Open House; first on Saturday, 27 July (12 Shrawan) and another on Saturday, 3 August (19 Shrawan) from 12-4 PM at Shangrila Blu Hotel, Bakhundole, where interested students, their parents, and school authorities can interact with our staff and LEAD Course alumni.

 If you or your families have any questions about the LEAD Course or the application process, call us at 9808.484.885, or send a message to or our Facebook or Instagram page.