Inside Women LEAD Nepal office in Jawalakhel, the organization maintains a learning-based resource center. We offer critical digital resources that have become fundamental in the professional and personal growth of young women in the digitalized world. The organization offers modern laptops with high-speed internet access, access to print and xerox machines and audio/visual equipment like projectors, pico-projectors, loud speakers and portable Bluetooth speakers. Inside the Alumni Hub, a space specifically reserved for the alumni, also houses a mini-library with a variety of books from different genres like politics, self-help, autobiographies, non-fiction, and women’s studies and feminism. 

The space has also brought together a group of knowledge-hungry alumni who have established their own book club, gathering at the Resource Center for their monthly meetings. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the alumni during the book club, Women LEAD Nepal has also started a series of discussions with famous Nepali authors called ‘The Author’s Corner’ to engage, inspire and guide future female writers. 

The resource center also features a well-maintained garden and patio area where the alumni can network with each other, discuss important socio-political issues and support each other in various advocacy campaigns.