Every day is 'Day Of The Girl' at Women LEAD Nepal

The International Day of the Girl (IDG) – observed annually on 11 October – is a global platform to advocate for the full spectrum of girls’ rights. 

“International Day of the Girl Child 2023 is a global observance dedicated to highlighting the challenges girls face worldwide and promoting their empowerment, education, and rights. This important day serves as a reminder of the need to address gender inequalities, discrimination, and violence against girls and to create a brighter future for them.”

Women LEAD Nepal celebrates International Day of the Girl Child to advocate for girls’ rights and well-being. Girls worldwide are raising their voices to demand more space in decision-making to build the future they deserve. Through its various flagship and outreach programs, Women LEAD Nepal strives to promote gender equality, promote equitable learning experiences, spread awareness of child rights, and provide mentorship opportunities and advocacy platforms.

Women LEAD Nepal provides leadership training programs for girls to help them develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and the ability to take on leadership roles in their communities and careers. We address gender-based discrimination, child marriage, and violence against women through advocacy and awareness campaigns. These campaigns seek to change societal attitudes and promote gender equality. We create safe spaces where girls can express themselves, discuss issues that affect them, and find emotional support.

Women LEAD Nepal is one of the first leadership and professional development organizations for young women in Nepal. Since 2011, Women LEAD has created along-term positive impact on over 4360+ young women and youth in Nepal and has a alumni community of 447+ members. Every day, we work towards a Nepal where the voices of women and girls are powerful and influential, and women occupy positions of leadership and decision-making by providing young women in Nepal with the necessary tools, opportunities, and support to realize their leadership potential. 

Gear from our 2023 LEADers on why we should celebrate, recognize, need, and support girls' leadership!

Celebrating, recognizing, and supporting girls’ leadership has a positive social impact. It helps to change the societal perception that girls are equally capable and competent in leadership positions. It also helps in promoting gender equality, which gives a message that leadership qualities are not only to a particular gender.
Srija Dhaulakoti
Our communities are still male-dominant and patriarchal. Girls are deprived of their rights and made to take a backseat in leading, organizing, and decision-making. We should celebrate girls' leadership to give motivation, empowerment, and encouragement to girls so that it will help them raise a voice for their rights.
Leeja Tamang
Celebrating and supporting girls’ leadership is crucial for fostering equality. It empowers girls to realize their full potential. Recognizing girls’ leadership helps girls to break free from limiting stereotypes, paving the way for diverse perspectives.
Sakina Maharjan
We should motivate girls to be leaders because they bring exceptional perspective and creativity to the table. By recognizing and nurturing girls' leadership potential, we can break down gender stereotypes and promote equality. Girls' leadership is not only empowering for girls, but it also paves the way for a brighter future for everyone.
Rijana Maharjan
We should celebrate girls because they are primary models for other girls and women. They are only the ones who understand and empathize most with other girls’ feelings, issues, and journeys. Coming together creates an environment for all girls to express themselves freely.
Samsa Khatun
In my opinion, we should support girls because it encourages other girls, and women to lead and learn about leadership themselves. It also creates and strengthens group identities among each other.
Dipika Chaulagin
Some are born leaders, while some are chosen as a leader, and regardless, the ideas, thinking patterns, and leadership skills that girls bring to the table will benefit the world and help to create a safe world for everyone. Happy International Day of Girl Child!

#WLEAD #DayOfTheGirl
Nyushma Maske
Celebrating and supporting girls' leadership helps to bridge the gender gap and establish that everyone has an equal chance to lead; girls get encouraged to speak up for wrongdoings and contribute to society meaningfully. Investing in leadership skills from a young age helps to equip them with crucial skills such as decision-making, communication, and problem-solving.

#WLEAD #DayOfTheGirl
Unika Karmacharya
Our society has forever been patriarchal, and in such a setting, taking the lead as a woman is commendable, be it at home or work. Hence, every win, small or big, paves the era of equality and equity and must be celebrated to mark the journey with wholesomeness.

# WLEAD #DayOfTheGirl
Kamna Tinkari

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